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HoneyHoney it's important to wait until your baby turnsBananaBanana is excellent first food for babies, startingSpicy FoodSpicy Food is food containing seasoning with ChocolateChocolate If your child does not show symptoms ofAlmondsAlmonds are often eaten on their own, raw orAlcoholAlcohol keep them out of your children’s reachCheeseCheese cheese as soon as they start eating solidsMustardMustard improves digestion thanks to the antioxidantsOystersOysters can be consumed raw, smoked, baked,Chia SeedsChia Seeds is necessary for your baby’s health to soakMushroomsMushrooms are composed of water, some carbs, proteins andSaltSalt is a mineral composed mainly of sodiumDragon FruitDragon Fruit is often compared to kiwiYogurtYogurt is made by the bacterial fermentation ofTunaTuna is a saltwater fish, one of the fewLobsterLobster among shrimps and clams can be given safely atMaple SyrupMaple Syrup is usually used as a condiment in pancakes orPopcornPopcorn is usually cooked with oil or butterStrawberriesStrawberries are high in sugar and in vitamin CFigsFigs are high in sugar especially the driedIce CreamIce Cream is a good pain-relieving mixture of pears, baby formulaPineapplePineapple is the edible fruit of the tropical plantXylitolXylitol is a food additive and a sugar substituteVeganVegan diet is higher in dietary fibers,LemonsLemons are sour, but you can trick your baby toFishFish is healthy to your baby. Pay attention toLiverLiver is an excellent source for iron and proteinsVinegarVinegar is a watery solution of acetic acidButterButter is saturated fat and cholesterol should notSugarSugar is the definition for any soluble carbs ApplesApples recommended as first foods for babiesApricotsApricots are very nutritious and low in caloriesBlueberriesBlueberries are considered to be superfood, highlyRaisinsRaisins are dried grapes and can have differentEggplantEggplant are rich in calories, carbs, fiber, folatePeasPeas can be classified as garden, sugar andBeansBeans you should rinse them first, beforeCarrotsCarrots can be introduced into a baby’s diet at the age ofLettuceLettuce is a perfect vegetable for toddlers. It is high inSpinachSpinach is a leafy green flowering plantOrangesOranges are the fruits of several citrus speciesBreadBread start giving your baby bread at the age ofFlourFlour has its beneficial effect on a baby’s dietOlivesOlives are cultivated for their fruit andOnionsOnions should be introduced into a baby’s dietTomatoesTomatoes are the edible, usually red berries ofEggsEggs have always been important foods for humansRiceRice is a seed and the most widely consumedPorkPork is the culinary definition for domestic pig meatMuffinsMuffins can refer to two different products: a flatbreadNoodlesNoodles are popular foods, made from unleavened doughOatmealOatmeal reduces the levels of blood cholesterolOatsOats contain carbs, dietary fibers, fats andFrench ToastFrench Toast can be given to babies as finger food startingPancakesPancakes can be healthier, if you make them fromPastaPasta are classified in two main categoriesZucchiniZucchini also known as courgette, marrow or babyCornCorn has mostly starchy carbs and is considered anDonutsDonuts are all deep fried from a flour doughJamJam is also a source for sugar, which makes it unhealthyToastToast is bread, which was browned by toastingActiviaActivia is a brand of yogurt owned and managed byHamHam bread, breadsticks, crackers are very salty foodsBlackberriesBlackberries help digestion, keepingDatesDates are usually consumed out-of-hand, or areFalafelFalafel represent an excellent choice for fingerOreganoOregano is a culinary herb, used mostly in its driedPrawnsPrawns is used to identify small aquatic crustaceansMangoMango is essential for brain development, and promoteAvocadoAvocado are very nutritious, they contain highFetaFeta cheese is high in calories, fats, proteinKefirKefir also known as kephir is a fermented milk drink, whichDuckDuck is the meat of different species of birdHaddockHaddock is a good source for proteins. Babies needLambLamb is not popular just for its meat, but also forSalmonSalmon is a very popular food, because itFlax SeedsFlax Seeds are a great source for fiber, which helpKaleKale as well as spinach contains nitrates, which can makeKidney BeansKidney Beans legumes introduction into a baby’s dietOkraOkra seeds are pressed into edible okra oilIndian FoodIndian Food in limited quantities at the age of 8 – 10 months. SpicesKiwiKiwi or kiwifruit can be introduced at the age ofMelonMelon can be introduced into a baby’s diet starting atHerbsHerbs is an excellent way to offer them interestingNutmegNutmeg is high in dietary fibers, and containsGarlicGarlic to your baby in small amounts, by adding it inTurkeyTurkey is the meat from domesticated or wildJellyJelly is actually a simple fruit juice transformed into aVealVeal is the meat of calves. It can beLentilsLentils are high in calories, carbs, dietary fibers andPicklesPickles or a gherkin is actually a cucumber, whichYellow SquashYellow Squash is a type of summer squash, belonging toRicottaRicotta is a whey cheese prepared from cowMayoMayo has calories, fat, but also vitamins E and K, andTomato SauceTomato Sauce was first mentioned by a Spanish friarVeggie BurgersVeggie Burgers do not contain meat, made from beansQuarkQuark also called quarg is a type of freshShrimpShrimp are widespread small crustaceans withGround BeefGround Beef can be introduced at the age they startVeggie StrawsVeggie Straws are snacks, made from differentHaggisHaggis contains important organs like heart, liver andGuacamoleGuacamole are easily made, and can be altered accordingTurmericTurmeric is a flowering plant of the gingerHemp SeedsHemp Seeds are an excellent source for protein, omega fattyHummusHummus at the age of 6 months, once you start introducingIdliIdli is a nutritious dish, which can be served starting atJackfruitJackfruit flesh must be removed and the fruit itself must beLycheeLychee represent a good source of dietary fibersMackerelMackerel is commonly applied to a great number of speciesMusselsMussels can be steamed, boiled, smoked, roasted, barbecuedVenisonVenison was the meat originating from aMarmiteMarmite is salty, that is why parents should carefullyEdamameEdamame come in two separate forms: beans or podsGingerGinger can have side effects as well, if it isPapayaPapaya also called papaw or pawpaw is the fruit ofPeanutsPeanuts contain some carbs, fat, protein andYakultYakult is a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk GritsGrits offer a good change, being slightly differentJalapenosJalapenos or chili peppers into babies’ diets, some say it isVanillaVanilla is a spice obtained from the pods ofYamsYams are plants which form edible starchy NoriNori is the Japanese definition for edibleQuesadillasQuesadillas is a type of taco dish, made from SeaweedSeaweed or macroalgae is marine algae. SomeTilapiaTilapia is the common name used for many freshwaterQuicheQuiche is a French tart containing a pastry crustTofuTofu is made by coagulating soy milk andErythritolErythritol is an artificial sugar substitutes forSushiSushi is a traditional Japanese dish made ofVegemiteVegemite is a thick, dark brown, spreadableVodka SauceVodka Sauce is a sauce composed of a smooth tomatoQuorn SausageQuorn Sausage is made from Quorn, which is a mycoproteinQuornQuorn vegan burgers, vegan sausage rolls andYeastYeast is a single-celled microorganism belonging GuavaGuava starting at 6 months old. It is recommended toJicamaJicama is rich in antioxidants, aiding hearth functionsKodiak CakesKodiak Cakes is the name of a brand of pancakes, fruit syrupKimchiKimchi is a staple food in Korea. Small amounts can beNattoNatto is a traditional Japanese food made fromZaatarZaatar is an herb used in cuisines, but itHalibutHalibut are too high in mercury levels to be safelyJaggeryJaggery or any kind of sugar into your baby’s diet only afterZincZinc is a chemical element and an essentialDurianDurian fruit is used to flavor many sweet ediblesToo MuchToo Much There are many common signs of overfeedingIn Car SeatIn Car Seat is designed in order to protect childrenFruitsFruits Excellent ideas for pureed fruits to prepareVegetablesVegetables are plants eaten by humans and alsoMeatMeat is animal flesh, consumed by humans as foodDairyDairy products to your baby as soon as he/sheOtherOther that can't be categorized as fruits, vegetablesNutsNuts are fruits composed of an inedible hard shell