Can Babies Eat alcohol

Can Babies Eat alcohol?

Alcohol originally refers to the primary alcohol ethanol, used as a drug, being present in alcoholic beverages. Alcohol distillation dates back to 2000 BCE, when the people of India made the Sura, which is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of rice, barley, jaggery and the flowers of the madhyaka tree.

Alcohol In Our Lives

We are surrounded by products containing alcohol: energy drinks, mouthwashes, hand sanitizers, perfumes, lotions, cleaning fluids, cold medicines and even gums. It is important for parents to know, which products have alcohol, and keep them out of their children’s reach. Locked cabinets are one of the safest ways to store these products, keeping in mind to put them back into the locked cabinet right after using them.

Side Effects Of A Baby Consuming Alcohol

Children tend to put everything in their mouths, especially at young ages, when they discover the surrounding world in this way. Older ones might try alcohol just out of curiosity or for fun. In most cases children swallow alcohol by accident. Their bodies absorb alcohol very fast and it can affect their central nervous system, causing confusion, vomiting, seizures, trouble in breathing and flushed or pale skin. Alcohol can reduce the gag reflex and so babies can choke easier. Alcohol lowers blood sugar in children, which can lead to a coma, so it is important to get them treated right away by getting glucose intravenously or by taking out the contents of the stomach by using a tube.

When Can A Baby Get Affected By Alcohol?

A baby can be affected by alcohol starting in the womb. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders include many physical, behavioral and learning problems. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is affecting the baby’s development. There is no safe limit of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, but occasional drinks during the first trimester have less effect than they are presumed to have. If the urine of a newborn baby is tested for alcohol, it can determine the mother’s alcohol use during the couple of days prior to the delivery.


What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug, but also a component of many products present in our lives.

How healthy is alcohol?

Alcohol is not healthy and it can cause many health problems, especially in babies and children.

When can you start giving alcohol to your baby?

You should avoid giving alcohol to your baby and even child until they turn 18 years old, or 21 in the USA.

The risks of giving alcohol to your baby?

Babies can get even into a coma if they ingest alcohol. Alcohol affects their nervous system, can cause vomiting and seizures.

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