Can Babies Eat Sugar

Can Babies Eat Sugar?

Sugar is the definition for any soluble carbs with a sweet taste. There are two main types of sugar: simple sugars and compound sugars. Glucose, fructose and galactose are considered simple sugars, while compound sugars contain two simple sugars. Table sugar is a compound sugar. Due to the fact that sugar is found in the tissues of most plants, fruits are a natural source of simple sugars. Honey is also a natural source of simple sugars.

Brown sugars are granulated ones, which either contain residual molasses or are purposely coated with molasses in order to get a dark shaded sugar. Liquid sugars are syrups or honey. Syrups are usually made from sugar in water and are mostly used in the production of beverages, ice creams and jam.

Sugar has high levels of carbohydrates and of course sugar, and some levels of magnesium, iron and calcium.

Health Problems Caused By Excess Consumption Of Sugar

A high intake of sugary products, including fruit juice, which has natural sugar in it, increases the risks of obesity and diabetes. Sugar is the main dietary factor for tooth decay. A diet high in added sugars reduces the need for consumption of foods containing essential nutrients. This is when nutritional displacement happens, and it is followed by other bad habits, damaging our health. Excess consumption of sugar can lead to blood pressure problems, and later on to heart diseases.

When Can Babies Have Sugar?

Health experts and pediatricians recommend introducing sugar into children’s diets at the age of 2 years old, and even at this age, there must be paid extra attention to the amount of sugar. For example a child between the ages of 4 – 6 years old should have no more than the equivalent of 5 sugar cubes of free sugars a day. Children can get their natural sugar intake from fruits, so there is no need for an extra intake.


What is sugar?

Any soluble sweet-tasting carbs are considered sugar. Fruits are a natural source of sugar, because sugar is found in the tissues of most plants.

How healthy is sugar?

Excess consumption of sugar can lead to a number of diseases: obesity, diabetes, blood sugar problems, hearth diseases, tooth decay.

When can you start giving sugar to your baby?

You can start giving sugar to babies, when they are two years old, but you must pay attention to the amount of the added sugars in your child’s diet. Too much sugar leads to health problems.

The risks of giving sugar to your baby?

High dosage of sugar, especially in children can lead to many health issues.

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