Can Babies Eat Tomatoes

Can Babies Eat Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are the edible, usually red berries of the plant commonly known as the tomato plant. Botanically speaking, tomatoes are fruits, just like bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, avocados, squashes and green beans, but they are considered culinary vegetables. They originate in western South and Central America, where they were first domesticated by the indigenous people of Mexico, from where the Spanish brought them to Europe.

Tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked, and they are used in many dishes, sauces, salads and also in drinks. They have a specific flavor, called umami, which is often compared to meaty, broth-like or savory taste.

Tomatoes are high in vitamin C, but they are also an excellent source of vitamins K, B6, B3 and E. They are packed with antioxidants and are helpful for hydration.

Are Tomatoes Healthy For Babies?

Tomatoes have high levels of vitamin C, aiding your baby’s immune system. Tomatoes are a choking hazard for babies, especially cherry and grape tomatoes. They are not known as a common allergen, but to avoid any oral allergy syndromes, it is safer to cook tomatoes. Babies can start eating tomatoes once they eat solid foods, usually at the age of 6 months old, but take into consideration, to mix the tomatoes with food rich in iron and protein, to transform them into a healthier food.

Stuffed Tomatoes

Ingredients: 4 large tomatoes, 1 cup of cooked rice, ½ cup of chopped and sautéed onions, ½ cup of diced and sautéed peppers, pepper, garlic powder, basil and olive oil.

Remove the top of the tomatoes and slightly hallow the tomatoes out, reserving the pulp. Lightly brush the insides of the tomatoes with the olive oil and put them into a glass baking dish. Add one cup of water to the baking dish and bake he tomatoes for about 15 minutes, uncovered and at 200 °C. Mix the rice with the onions, peppers and spices. Take the tomatoes out of the oven and stuff them with the rice mixture. Put the tomatoes back into the glass dish and bake them for an extra 10 minutes until the stuffing is golden.


What are tomatoes?

Tomatoes are edible fruits, which are considered vegetables, originating in western South and Central America.

How healthy are tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and represent a great form of hydration.

When can you start giving tomatoes to your baby?

You can start giving tomatoes to your baby at the age of 6 months old.

The risks of giving tomatoes to your baby?

There are small chances for allergies, but higher chances for choking in the case of cherry and grape tomatoes.

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