Can Babies Eat Veggie Burgers

Can Babies Eat Veggie Burgers?

These burgers do not contain meat. They can be made from beans, tofu, nuts, grain, seeds or mushrooms. Patties are the main ingredients in burgers. The disc-shaped grilled or even fried meatballs can be substituted with legumes or some other plant-derived proteins.

Veggie burgers were created in London in 1982 by Gregory Sams, since then they spread all around the world, especially in the 21st century. Many fast food restaurant chains, such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s or Subway have integrated this item into their menus in various countries.

The ingredients of veggie burgers are: grains, vegetables, dry ingredients like oats, flours, nuts, stabilizers, oils and preservatives. Grains act like substitutes to meats, providing carbs and proteins. Vegetables like corn, carrots or mushrooms give the patty its texture and taste, and they also provide moisture once heated. They are also the source of some vitamins and minerals. Dry ingredients absorb excess moisture. Oils are used to lubricate the grain mix.

Veggie burgers are high in salt, and their nutritional values depend on the products used in making them. They have dietary fibers, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6.

Babies can eat veggie burgers once they can chew properly. Parents should not only pay attention to the ingredients the veggie burgers are made of, but also to the sizes they serve them to their babies. It is important to offer proteins to babies, in order to support their muscle and bone growth. Homemade veggie burgers are the best option for veggie burgers served to babies.

Baby Veggie Burgers

Ingredients: 60g red lentils, 100g brown rice, 1 finely chopped medium onion, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, 140g peas, 140g sweet corn, 400g tin of kidney beans, drained, 2 tbsp flaxseed, ¼ tsp ground cumin, ¼ tsp dried coriander, ¼ tsp mild chili powder, 80g breadcrumbs, 30g finely chopped fresh coriander, pepper to season, 2 eggs, sunflower oil for frying, mini burger buns for serving.

Cook the lentils and the rice according to the instructions on the packages. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and sauté the onion for 3 minutes, until soft. Put the garlic in and cook for another 2 minutes, until soft. Put the lentils, the rice and the rest of the ingredients, except the eggs and of course the burger buns, into a bowl and mix well. Whisk the eggs in another bowl and add to the rest of the ingredients.

Take a couple of tablespoons of the mixture and shape it with your hands into a baby-sized veggie burger. Put oil in a frying pan and cook the burgers over medium heat, for about 4 minutes. Flip them over and cook them on the other side too for about 4 minutes. Place each burger into a bun, top with a slice of sweet onion and tomato.


What is a veggie burger?

Veggie burgers are burgers in which the patty is made from meat substitutes.

How healthy is a veggie burger?

It depends on the ingredients used in making them. Veggie burgers sold in fast food restaurant chains are high in sodium. It is recommended to make your own veggie burgers, especially for your baby.

When can you start giving veggie burgers to your baby?

You can start giving veggie burgers to your babies once they can chew properly.

The risks of giving veggie burgers to your baby?

Veggie burgers are a choking hazard.

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